Monday, January 12, 2009

Adelaide Hills Crush

Crush 09 will continue to build on the success of this key Adelaide Hills Festival. In addition to providing a wonderful showcase for the very best the Region has to offer on the Australia Day weekend, Crush 09 is taking an innovative direction in offering complimentary tutored tastings through the day on three of our key varieties, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

These ‘Discover more…’ sessions will give both new and more experienced wine lover the opportunity to learn some of the secrets of these wonderful wines from our gifted young winemakers and take those secrets home with them. Darryl Catlin of Shaw & Smith will be comparing Adelaide Hills and New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, Peter Dredge of Petaluma will be inviting people to rediscover the elegance of Chardonnay and Erinn Klein and Phillippe Morin will be comparing cool and warm climate and French Shiraz.

There will also be lots of fun with 17 different venues offering everything from an Amy Winehouse tribute at Hahndorf Hill Winery to an opportunity experience the thrill of black cockatoos flying in at dusk at Sinclairs Gully.

Crush 09 will also be the start of a journey leading through three further, seasonal events during the year which will celebrate Chardonnay and Sparkling Wines in Autumn, Adelaide Hills Reds in Winter and the season’s new Sauvignon Blancs in Spring.

Through encouraging a deeper knowledge of these wonderful varieties producers continue their commitment to encourage both greater appreciation and safe drinking of Adelaide Hills Wine, which can be tasted in the vineyard only 20 minutes from Adelaide city. For more information see

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sticky Rice Cooking School

Sticky Rice Cooking School in Stirling (in the Adelaide Hills) is an exciting new culinary experience offering hands on cooking classes with adventurous and talented chefs in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

You can learn how to create restaurant quality dishes in hands-on cooking classes with Australia's masters of Asian cuisine, then wine and dine on the recipes.

Sticky Rice Cooking School was named as one of the Top 20 Hotspots for 2009 by the Adelaide Annual 2009 as published by the Advertiser and are one of only 3 places listed in SA.

Regional Tourism Award Success

The 2008 SA Great Regional Tourism Services Award was recently awarded to Rich & Lingering by Catriona Rowntree, presenter of Channel 9’s travel program “Getaway”.

Catriona presented the award to Jason Miller of Rich & Lingering at the official awards ceremony at Auchendarroch House in the Adelaide Hills.

The award recognises and celebrates those individuals and businesses that have made a significant contribution to the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. This award is open to specialised tourism services or facilities that enhance the visitor experience and integrate with other tourism products.

2008 is the second year Rich & Lingering have been recipients of the SA Great award.

"It is gratifying to receive recognition from the industry of our commitment to excellence, and caps off another very successful year for us” said Jason Miller of Rich & Lingering.

Rich & Lingering were the proud winners in the 2008 SA Tourism Awards. It is recognition of their creativity, professionalism and innovation in the industry. The award highlights Rich & Lingering’s focus on providing both high levels of wine and food knowledge and excellent customer service to their guests.

Rich & Lingering provides 5 star food and wine tours for guests, focussing on Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, and McLaren Vale wine regions of South Australia.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Monty Python's Australian Wine Review

A lot of people pooh-pooh Australian table wines. This is a pity as many fine Australian wines appeal not only to the Australian palate but also to the cognoscenti.

Black Stump Bordeaux is rightly praised as a peppermint flavored Burgundy, whilst a good Sydney Syrup can rank with any of the world's best sugary wines.

Château Blue, too, has won many prizes; not least for its taste, and its lingering afterburn.
Old Smokey 1968 has been compared favorably to a Welsh claret, whilst the Australian Wino Society thoroughly recommends a 1970 Coq du Rod Laver, which, believe me, has a kick on it like a mule: eight bottles of this and you're really finished. At the opening of the Sydney Bridge Club, they were fishing them out of the main sewers every half an hour.

Of the sparkling wines, the most famous is Perth Pink. This is a bottle with a message in it, and the message is 'beware'. This is not a wine for drinking, this is a wine for laying down and avoiding.

Another good fighting wine is Melbourne Old-and-Yellow, which is particularly heavy and should be used only for hand-to-hand combat.

Quite the reverse is true of Château Chunder, which is an appellation contrôlée, specially grown for those keen on regurgitation; a fine wine which really opens up the sluices at both ends.

Real emetic fans will also go for a Hobart Muddy, and a prize winning Cuvee Reserve Château Bottled Nuit San Wogga Wogga, which has a bouquet like an aborigine's armpit.