Monday, July 18, 2011

Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

As we all know chocolate is one of the four main food groups. Wine, cheese, and something else complete the lineup.

Adelaide now has a new chocolatier. Stephen ter Horst has opened up a shop on Unley Road in Malvern, Adelaide. He has combined the best ingredients South Australia has to offer, with the highest quality chocolate from Belgium. This allows him to perfectly balance the hand-crafted chocolates. Not to forget the luscious petit gateaux and tarts.

A couple of the more interesting and delectable truffles include; 'Olio' a gorgeous dark chocolate with Olive Oil, and the 'Fleur de Sel' with a luscious salted caramel filling.

These can be paired with hot chocolates and Coffee Barun single origin coffees. Oh that's right, coffee is the other main food group.